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New York City Weapons Possession Charges are extremely serious New York criminal cases because of the inherent danger that weapons pose to every sinlge perons living in New York City.  Weapons possession case can be broken down in to many different types.

New York City Criminal Lawyer: Gun Cases

Clearly, any New York City Weapons Possession Attorney will tell you that gun possession is the most serious of all of the weapons cases.  The reason is because simple possession can very quickly turn deadly.  Every year New York City residents are shot either as an intended target or an unknowing victim.  As a result the steepest penalities for gun possession is if the gun is outside of your hokme or placre of business and is loaded.  If you are caught with an illegal loaded handgun in New York City, under the Law you will be charged with a Felony and there is mandatory incarceration. The only way to carry a legal handgun in NYC is to have the handgun licensed in New York City. Very often travelers to New York City bring their guns into NYC and think there is no problem as the gun is licensed in the jurisdiction where they live. Then, unfortunately, they find out the laws are more restrictive in NYC and it's too late; they've been arrested. Even if you are flying into New York City the TSA rules do not protect you. 

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